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Zenders Cafe and Venue needed a customised solution to fit their unique euro-styled establishment. 

The focus was to create a system that complemented the various function rooms and intelligently monitored their energy efficiency. 

We designed and installed the network which consisted of data outlets and strategically placed wireless access points for fast and reliable WiFi coverage throughout the building. 


The Cafe was fitted out with commercial grade JBL speakers for smooth acoustics throughout. Music selection and scheduling takes place through a touch screen in the office. 

A security and surveillance system was also installed and is integrated into the RTI platform. The alarm and CCTV cameras can be remotely monitored as needed as well as inspected in the office. 

The main control system is a customised RTI platform. Simple touch screens in the function rooms make them very easy to operate. Lighting control throughout the venue sets the mood quickly by dimming the lights to a pre-set level. 


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Energy Management 

Data Networking

Commercial Audio System



Lighting Control