Integrating effortless technology


Automation coordinates technology to do what you want when you want. From exterior lighting that turns on with the sunset, to automatic securing of your home's locks and gates at a given time in the evening. Imagine walking into your warm home at the end of the day because the heating automatically turned on and the curtains closed as you were driving home. Carefully crafted responsive technology can elevate the comfort of your living environment on a daily basis and the possibilities are endless. Learn more.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting gives you unique and personalised control over the mood in every room. Simple keypads can replace light switches that control more than lights. A push of a button can make the lights dim, curtains close, and the TV to turn on to your favourite Sky TV channel... you get the idea. Learn more.

Environment Control

Have control over your whole house with one central system combining temperature, lighting, music and more. Enjoy personalised comfort settings depending on the time of the day or weather conditions, or to suit your mood. You can also automate your irrigation or exterior lighting to turn on and off when needed. Learn more.


Simplify the way you watch TV, movies, and listen to music. Use your smartphone, customised keypad, or touchscreen to set the mood in many rooms or just one. With the push of a button - your favourite Spotify guest playlist starts, the lights dim and the curtains close. Set customised entertainment scenes that you love. Learn more.


Have complete control over your alarms, sensors, locks and cameras. Easily view cameras from your tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world and get real time updates when doors are opened or unlocked. Intruder detection can trigger the outside lights to turn onto full brightness or flash repeatedly to deter any potential security breach. Learn more.

Electrical & Data Solutions

As the technology division of Switch Group, we provide a turn-key solutions encompassing all the electrical aspects of your project. From electrical design and installation, lighting design and specification, mains cabling and builders temporary supplies, energy management, heat pump installation, and structured data cabling. Find out how dealing with one company can ensure a hassle free quality installation. Learn more.

Commercial Solutions

We offer our clients a one stop shop covering the following solutions:

  • Electrical
  • Data Networking & WiFi
  • Audio-visual
  • Meeting and Board Rooms
  • Access Control
  • Security
  • CCTV
  • Lighting
  • Automation / Technology Integration

Most projects are solution-based and range from large commercial fit-outs to maintenance and service call-outs. Learn more.


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