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Working closely with our client to provide the ‘x’ factor in their beautiful lakeside residence, we designed all of the automation to complement their stunning build in a way that is simple and easy to use.

The Control4 automation system allowed complete integration of the audio-visual, lighting, HVAC, access control and security.

In the master bedroom where the audio-video is simplified through the Control4 automation system, the client has access to a range of media including Sky, Lightbox and Netflix and more. The lights are completely integrated and dim to a pre-set level.

The architectural in-ceiling speakers provide an aesthetically pleasing solution as the grills are painted the same as the ceiling. Customised keypads beside the bed have pre-set customised scenes such as a "Good Morning" scene that slowly ramps the lights up to 100% over a half an hour period.


The Control4 door station is the perfect access control solution for the front door. The video intercom calls the touchscreen in the kitchen and from there the door can be unlocked.

If the call isn't answered it will call the Smartphone app no matter where you are. Permanent and temporary access codes can be administrated by the client for other means such as cleaners or guests. 

Elegant keypads replace light switches that control more than just lights. In this instance the client wanted to control different lighting loads with an option to turn them all off with one touch. Led light indicators show which lighting areas are on. Every keypad is customisable to suit the clients needs. 


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