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Home automation is technology integration into one platform. Several actions happen at once with one command. The possibilities are nearly limitless for what can be achieved.

Automation can be in just one room to make it simple and easy to operate, such as a media room. It can also be scaled to suit the whole home where the lighting, window treatments, climate, and entertainment are connected. 

Starting with the media room. Imagine walking in and pressing the "Netflix" button where the light switch normally is. The curtains automatically start to close, the lights slowly dim, and TV turns onto Netflix. 

To think on the large scale, imagine having a "Goodnight" button in the master bedroom. This activates a scene where it makes sure all the doors are locked, all entertainment systems off, all lights off, and surveillance cameras operating outside. Scale it to how you see fit. 

Automation systems for today’s homes make operating all of your electronics simple. They leverage the simplicity of smart phones, iPad’s, and the Internet to provide a single consistent graphic interface that works the same on your iPad as it does on the in-wall touch screen. These systems start from one-room remote controls to full house automation systems and can expand over time.

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