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We worked closely with Jeff and the team at GJ Gardner Homes Waikato on their new head office fitout.

The existing building required a robust  network installation which included over a hundred and fifty data outlets and six wireless access points. A strong network allows fast download, upload and sharing of large high-resolution files with minimal latency issues.

The security solution allows keyless access for all staff members and administration of can be done in-house for user control and permissions.

All the audio-visual equipment turns off automatically when the alarm is activated and turns back on when deactivated. 

Throughout the building are in-ceiling speakers for low-level background music to break office silence and increase productivity.


The SAV Design automation experience area allows clients to experience and understand a level of home automation first hand. 

By putting the power in the clients hands they get to identify what they foresee working for them in their new family home.  

They get to experience how simplified entertainment can make entertaining guests that much better. 

The system integrates audio-visual, security, lighting and air conditioning.

The boardroom was designed around simplicity. 

A customised in-wall touchscreen with input selection enables staff to present with one press.

Once the preferred input is selected the electronic projector screen lowers for the presentation.  

Connectivity avenues for the presenter are available through both wireless and wired pathways. 

Three meeting rooms were set up with a large panel with an Apple TV and Chromecast for easy wireless content sharing.


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