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Music and movies have become an integral part of today’s home. Controlling media components should be as easy and enjoyable as the entertainment itself. Multi-room audio systems are designed to tackle this problem.

We can install a simple to operate and easy to navigate multi-room system which will provide audio control of your system from any room in the home via an attractive keypad or colour touch screen on the wall or wirelessly from devices such as remote or even iPhone, iPad's and other types of mobile devices.

We can design and install a system with independent zones that allows you to select and control your own source regardless of what anyone else is enjoying in other areas of the home. The majority of the equipment can be hidden away in a cabinet or closet leaving only the keypad, recessed or floor standing speakers and optional video display in the various rooms, making your entertainment both easy to access and easy to live with.

Watch TV in the kitchen while the kids enjoy a movie in the lounge even put the whole house into party mode at the touch of a button. A great multi-room system makes it easy and enjoyable. We also stock and supply the Sonos range of wireless audio systems that allow you to stream your music library or popular internet radio stations throughout your home.

From the kitchen and dining room, to the lounge, bedroom and outdoor patio, there is a product to suit you. 

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