Lighting Control & Design

Lighting Control & Design

Lighting Control & Design

Creative, well-designed interior lighting accentuates your entire living space and adds an unprecedented level of convenience and security to your home. Late-night movies, exterior lighting, and social gatherings are all greatly enhanced with a well-planned lighting system. Cluttered banks of light switches are replaced with sleek lighting keypads. Lighting scene buttons adjust all the lights in a room or the entire house with 1 button press. Just touch a conveniently located keypad and let technology do the rest.

SAV Design offers sleek and stylish keypads that can replace a few or all of the light switches in your home. They are available in a wide range of styles with a host of remarkable features designed to match any home decor.  SAV Design can also offer wireless solutions so lighting control can also be added to existing homes. 

Save Energy

Energy savings are a key benefit of a lighting control system. Help save energy by using sensors to automatically turn lights on when you enter the room, then off when you leave. Dimming you lights by just 10% not only saves power but also increases the lamp life.


Rather than having six switches lined up on a wall instead eliminate wall clutter with one elegant keypad. Keypads come in a range of colours and finishes so it's easy to complement any room's aesthetics.


A lighting control system can integrate with home security system. In the event of an alarm, interior lights turn on, illuminating a safe exit, while exterior lights flash to attract attention. Lighting control also makes a home safer by automatically turning landscape and security lighting on and off each night.