Imagine a single system that controls the environment around you when you are home or away. Lighting, window treatments, security, climate, music & TV, cameras, even your irrigation system. SAV Design provides powerful and intuitive control of these systems with just the touch of a finger – at home, from the office, or even on the go.

Automation systems for today’s homes make operating all of your electronics simple. They leverage the simplicity of smart phones, iPad’s, and the Internet to provide a single consistent graphic interface that works the same on your iPad as it does on the in-wall touch screen. These systems start from one-room remote controls to full house automation systems and can expand over time.

Integrating the home environment makes a smart home, a home that reacts to certain situations, a safe home.

Control On the Move!

Use your iPhone or iPad to arm the alarm, check on cameras when you are away, or adjust the music. Our automation systems are fully integrated to work with iPhone, iPad & other mobile devices.

Power At Your Finger Tips

Our great home automation system lets you have control of home at the touch of a button. Keypad or touch screen, let us put the power at your finger tips.


Seamlessly integrate technology into your home. Our Home automation systems can combine with audio, video, security, and HVAC. From simple incorporation with a single system to sophisticated high-level integration for simple to use whole house solution