Structured Wiring

Structured cabling is the digital plumbing for your home. It replaces the existing philosophy of a single phone or TV cable to one that provides you greater access and expansion capabilities and allows for flexibility within the entire structure.  In essence, wiring your home for today’s technology and tomorrows advancements in technology.

Structured cabling & wiring provides an organized method and ease of use for the present and future for any changes or additions to your Internet, Telephone and Audio & Video connections. 

Data and Networking Services Hamilton

SAV Design plans, installs and documents the entire system. From start to finish, we handle all your needs from cabling to components. Overall, the right structured wiring system can equip your home to accommodate multiple technologies and future additions. More and more families are looking to wire their homes to provide the options to leverage multiple technologies seamlessly. As technology has expanded, structured wiring has become an essential part of today’s home.

This provides you with ease of use. The cabling combined with components and applications can provide your home with:

  • Telecommunications
  • Networking – Routing
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Fiber Optics
  • VoIP – Voice over IP Application
  • Distributed Home Audio/Video Systems
  • Video Monitoring / Cameras
  • Internet Distribution Capabilities (high-speed access required)
  • HDTV – Broadband Capabilities (HD access required)
  • Centralised Technology Equipment & Distribution
  • Residential & Commercial Applications




The CTP or Central Termination Point of your structured wiring system provides a termination point for your data network and TV reticulation equipment. The advantage of this is that all the associated equipment and cabling is installed back to this point making any future changes or servicing easy and inexpensive.


Say Goodbye!

No more unsightly bird’s nests underneath the office desk!  - All your home network equipment like your Internet Service Provider Modem and network switches can be installed discreetly back in the CTP.  SAV Design can also install discreet Wireless access points around your home so you can enjoy carefree, seamless operation of your home network and electronic devices.



Stay Connected!

Many of today’s new electronic devices are compatible with the internet via cables or even wireless. From TV’s to Mobile devices, computers to home automation equipment, it is crucial that you have a robust network system to allow a reliable connection to all of your homes devices. SAV Design can install and manage your wired and wireless networks to ensure you’re always connected!


  • SAV was more than just another company working on the house. Their knowledge and professionalism made things simple, easy and enjoyable.

    - M. Bull, Coromandel

  • They communicated well with everyone on site to ensure the finished product was exactly how we wanted. SAV provided an easy to understand and well priced quote and there was no hidden costs

    - Craig, Hamilton

  • If you are looking for a dedicated and professional team for your automation, look no further than SAV Design.

    - Lyn, Tamahere

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